Are you busy… too busy ? Do not have time to cook? Relax and trust Como Pizzeria! With our Ready-to-eat options, you can enjoy a tasty meal from our kitchen in the comfort of your home.

Ready-to-carry vacuum packed products

(Non- taxables)
Our new packaging keeps the freshness longer.

Perfect for freezing • Easy to re-heat • Easy to clean-up

Fresh cold food

*Take out discount is not applicable

Reg.Under 40$40$+

Meat sauce

1 portion (10oz)

Reg.4.20$Under 40$4.08$40$+3.85$

2 portions (20oz)

Reg.8.20$Under 40$7.99$40$+7.55$

4 portions (40oz)

Reg.15.20$Under 40$14.77$40$+13.95$


Full rack of baby back ribs (with sauce)

Reg.13.00$Under 40$13.61$40$+12.85$

Ideal for the B.B.Q.

Frozen food

Ideal for the office
*Take out discount is not applicable

Reg.Under 40$40$+

Pizza bambino

Reg.7.50$Under 40$7.46$40$+7.05$

All dressed

Lasagna (18oz)

Reg.7.50$Under 40$7.46$40$+7.05$

Meat sauce au gratin

Family size lasagna

Reg.25.50Under 40$25.15$40$+23.75$

4 to 6 persons

NEW : Pizza 12’’

Reg.7.50$Under 40$7.46$40$+7.05$

(All Dressed/ Pepperoni & cheese/ Cheese only/ Vegetable)

Beer and wine available

All prices are subject to change without notice.